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Conjugal rights meaning

In India it may be borne in mind that conjugal rights i.e. right of the husband or the wife to the society of the other spouse is not merely creature of the statute. Such a right is inherent in the very institution of marriage itself

Undertaking means

In Defence of India Rules, 1962—Rule 125 Rule 125-A describes and particularises the undertakings to which this rule will be applicable. The provision in this rule that “in this rule unless the […]

Rejoinder means

Pleading The term applied to the fourth stage in the pleadings in an action at common law, in which the defendant makes answer to the plaintiff’s replication. A surrejoinder is the next […]

Collegiate university

A collegiate university, which means it is made up of self-governing, independent colleges. All students are a member of a college. Colleges provide students with an ideal opportunity for interaction with peers […]


A microbiome is a community of microorganisms that inhabit an ecological niche. Microbiomes exist in both environmental biotopes, for example, a water body or forest soil – and in living multicellular host […]


Maybe. Whatever the cause of his tantrum the Prime Minister tripped into default mode and swung a left hook as per muscle memory. He did not need to be specific, you see, […]


If this be so, as it so seems, then the Prime Minister wants us to believe that the entire brouhaha in the top court and the ensuing adverse effects, was no one’s […]


A ruler exercising authority on behalf of a sovereign in a colony or province, such as the Viceroy of India acting as a representative of the government in Westminster

Data modeling

Data modeling is the process of creating a data model by applying a data model theory to create a data model instance. A data model theory is a formal data model description. […]

The meaning of Definitions

Logico-Semantic Units (or Elements): Knowledge, Content, Idea, Concept, Law, Principle, Definition, Attribute, Class, Individual, Property, Truth, Proposition, Reasoning Definition: A phrase signifying the essence of a thing; a description of an entity (word, […]

Names of Buddha

Names of Goutam Buddha in Devanagari बुद्धः। १ भगवान्। २ तथागतः। ३ अर्हन्। ४ सम्यक्संबुद्धः। ५ विद्याचरणसंपन्नः। ६ सुगतः। ७ लोकवित्। ८ अनुत्तरः। ९ पुरुषदम्यसारथिः। १० शास्ता। ११ जिनः। १२ लोकज्येष्ठः। १३ […]

Supine indifference

In our view, the supine indifference, slackness and callous attitude on the part of the Jail Superintendent who had unreasonably delayed in transmitting the representation as an intermediary, had ultimately caused undue […]