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Maybe. Whatever the cause of his tantrum the Prime Minister tripped into default mode and swung a left hook as per muscle memory. He did not need to be specific, you see, […]


If this be so, as it so seems, then the Prime Minister wants us to believe that the entire brouhaha in the top court and the ensuing adverse effects, was no one’s […]


A ruler exercising authority on behalf of a sovereign in a colony or province, such as the Viceroy of India acting as a representative of the government in Westminster

Data modeling

Data modeling is the process of creating a data model by applying a data model theory to create a data model instance. A data model theory is a formal data model description. […]

The meaning of Definitions

Logico-Semantic Units (or Elements): Knowledge, Content, Idea, Concept, Law, Principle, Definition, Attribute, Class, Individual, Property, Truth, Proposition, Reasoning Definition: A phrase signifying the essence of a thing; a description of an entity (word, […]

Names of Buddha

Names of Goutam Buddha in Devanagari बुद्धः। १ भगवान्। २ तथागतः। ३ अर्हन्। ४ सम्यक्संबुद्धः। ५ विद्याचरणसंपन्नः। ६ सुगतः। ७ लोकवित्। ८ अनुत्तरः। ९ पुरुषदम्यसारथिः। १० शास्ता। ११ जिनः। १२ लोकज्येष्ठः। १३ […]

Supine indifference

In our view, the supine indifference, slackness and callous attitude on the part of the Jail Superintendent who had unreasonably delayed in transmitting the representation as an intermediary, had ultimately caused undue […]


Growing inequalities and the yawning gap[wide open] in the social power among castes and classes have made untruth a medium of exercising power and of registering dissent. Majoritarian cultural nationalism has emerged […]


Scientificity and productivism were the sources of fascism in the 20th century but could speed, consumption and impatience with facts be the sources of fascism in the 21st century? The speed of […]


Supreme Court in BSES Ltd. v. Tata Power Co. Ltd. (supra). This Court in the aforesaid decision has observed as under: “16. The word “tariff” has not been defined in the Act. […]


An egg is spheroidal body produced by a female bird reptile or insect containing germ, of new individual especially that of domestic fowl for eating. In common parlance or in popular sense […]