Vakalatnama how to file


(a) Every vakalatnama in any cause, appeal or matter shall be executed by the party:

Provided that a person, other than a party to the cause, appeal or matter, may file vakalatnama on the basis of Power of Attorney but shall annex original Power of Attorney with the vakalatnama.

(b) A vakalatnama filed by the State or its instrumentality under Article 12 of the Constitution or any body corporate shall be signed by the appropriate authority with official seal.

(c) A vakalatnama shall –

(i) be filed on demy-foolscap size paper and one side of the paper be used;
(ii) mention the name, age, father’s name and address of the person(s) appointing the advocate as also the serial number in the array of parties;
(iii) contain State Bar Council Enrolment Number, postal address, telephone number, mobile number, eMail address and registration number of the advocate on-record accepting the vakalatnama, for service;
(iv) mention name of the person(s) executing the vakalatnama and advocate accepting the same, below their respective signatures;

(d) The Advocates Welfare Fund Stamp shall be pasted on the header of the vakalatnama, without covering any part of the text.
(e) Wherever a vakalatnama is found to be defective in any respect, the case in which it has been filed shall be dealt with as a defective case.
(f) Where the vakalatnama is executed in the presence of the advocate on-record, he shall certify that it was executed in his presence.
(g) Where the advocate on-record merely accepts the vakalatnama which is already duly executed in the presence of a Notary or an advocate, he shall make an endorsement thereon that he has satisfied himself about the due execution of the vakalatnama.


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