Forty years of freedom have been wasted by the Nehru family-OSHO on Rajiv Gandi-1992

The fact is that forty years of freedom have been wasted by one family – the Nehru family. From Jawaharlal Nehru up to Rajiv

Osho The Last Testament Volume 6- August 1992



Osho: No. I will not say that he should go to ride a bicycle. He has lost every respectability. He has not done anything that he promised to the country. He has promised that the country he will lead into twenty-one century. And he is leading the country towards a suicide. He has not done anything to prevent the population. He has promised he will destroy corruption. He has not done anything to destroy or stop. All his promises have been false. Now I will not trust that he can be a pilot.

And as far as the cabinet ministers, I am not acquainted with any politicians, so I cannot say who can be the right prime minister. The difficulty is, a man without power is one thing. The same man with power is altogether different. So you know a man only when he has power. Without power everybody is a saint.


Osho The Messiah Volume 1 [Life gives unto life]

And now: “Inaugurating a five-day international conference in memory of Indira Gandhi entitled TOWARDS NEW BEGINNINGS Mr. Gandhi said, ‘Man has not changed his basic thinking, though he has exchanged the club used by the primitive man with nuclear missiles to destroy each other.”‘

When he was talking to the country and telling people that he was going to take the country into the twenty-first century before anybody else enters it, the chief editor of ILLUSTRATED WEEKLY had come to take my interview in America. His last question was, “Do you have any message for Rajiv Gandhi?”

And this was my message: “Tell him that just by bringing more technology you cannot bring the twenty-first century to your country. First, people’s minds have to be changed. Their prejudices are rotten; they are living in the past, not in the present – and you are talking about the future. Yes, you can have all the technology that the West has, but that does not mean that you will have the wisdom to use nuclear bombs for creative purposes. You are fighting for small things: Mohammedans fighting Hindus, Hindus are fighting with Sikhs….”

He was annoyed by my message. But now he’s coming to his senses because new elections are coming close. Now he has to find some new slogans. These are my words he is repeating, but when I sent them he was annoyed. Because in the whole country, nobody was asking him, “What nonsense are you talking?”

People of this country are thinking of bringing back the same old age when Rama ruled – ram raja, the kingdom of Rama. Mahatma Gandhi, one of the most cunning politicians the world has ever produced, was continuously talking about it – “The moment the country becomes independent, the spinning wheel is going to be the only technology.” He was against railway trains, he was against telephones. He was against telegrams, post offices. He had been insisting his whole life that the spinning wheel was the last invention of humanity. After that, whatever has happened has to be dropped; only then can man live in peace.

I agree with him. Only then can man live in peace because only then will man be in his grave! Of course, graveyards are the most peaceful places – ghosts don’t fight and ghosts don’t belong to Hindus, to Mohammedans, to Christians. A ghost is a ghost. Even ghosts are far wiser than your living people.

“The prime minister wondered whether the present generation was in any way better than the generation that had gone by.” Now great wisdom is arising in him. He should first try to change the character and the consciousness of his cabinet, of his parliament, of his government and its bureaucracy.

One of the members of Parliament has asked, “Is the Indian government against Osho’s disciples coming from other countries to see him and to be with him?” And Rajiv Gandhi’s cabinet minister flatly denied it – “This is absolutely wrong. Everybody is welcomed.”

And this is an absolute lie. Because now I am receiving messages from all over the world that sannyasins are being refused by all the Indian embassies. And you will be aware of what is happening in Poona. Whatever is happening in Poona, a small public servant, the police commissioner, has not the guts to do it. He must have had the support of the Maharashtra government and the central government from New Delhi.

If everybody is welcome then why in every embassy are my sannyasins being refused?

The cabinet minister is lying to the parliament, and to lie to the parliament is to lie to the whole nation because the parliament is representative of the whole country. To lie to the parliament is to lie to the whole world.

So one thing is being said in the parliament and just the contrary orders are being given to all the embassies.

Now I have withdrawn orange clothes, malas, seeing the stupidity of the politicians. They can not recognize my sannyasins, so they have started asking, “For what do you want to go to India?”

And I have received from many countries the same report: whenever they said that they wanted to go to India to learn the art of meditation, the ambassadors said, “Now India is no longer allowing people to come for learning meditation. You can come to see the Taj Mahal, you are welcome to visit the country, but as far as meditation is concerned, a visa cannot be given.” Now, my people are simple and innocent, and that is the whole approach that I am teaching to them. They had never thought that the Indian government would be against meditation.

I would like to ask Mr. Rajiv Gandhi: Is there any other way to create wisdom than meditation? This is my open challenge – either he can come here or I am ready to go to his parliament – there is only one way to be wise and that comes out of a silent mind. But the silent mind is another name for meditation.

Is he aware what he is talking about? Wisdom… he should start changing his cabinet. It consists of characterless people, lying, and it must be completely in his awareness. He was present when the minister said, “We are not preventing anyone. Osho’s disciples are welcome.” But there seems to be no sign at all.

Hundreds of sannyasins have been given visas because they saw that it was better not to mention meditation, because meditation has now become synonymous with my name. So they started saying, “We are just tourists going to see beautiful cities in India.” They got visas but at Bombay airport they have names of the sannyasins who used to live with me continuously for seven years here in this city of the dead.

Of course, the dead were a little disturbed, because a living people cannot behave according to the dead. Have you ever seen two dead persons hugging each other? – and when two dead persons see two living beings joyously hugging each other, just a gesture of love, they feel jealous. They feel that they have missed life. They are irritated, they start tossing and turning in their graves.

Hundreds of sannyasins are being turned back from Bombay airport. Now who is going to pay their fare, their hard-earned money? They earned money just to come to see me and be here for a few weeks and they are thrown back.

I would like to tell Mr. Rajiv Gandhi that your government owes that money to my sannyasins. That money should be given back. On what grounds are you turning them back from the airport? They have never committed a crime in your country, they are not coming here to commit crimes. They can commit crimes anywhere in their own countries.

And if they are coming here to sit silently and listen to me, or just sit silently in my presence, to share my love – who are you to throw them out from the airport? And who is going to give them back their hard-earned money?

The Indian government should be aware of the fact that if you don’t stop all this nonsense, I am going to the high court or to the supreme court, and bringing Mr. Rajiv Gandhi there. Things are so clear that I don’t even need a legal expert – just common sense is enough.

The news clipping is saying that he was inaugurating a five-day international conference. In his conference, people from other countries are welcome to listen to his garbage. What does he know?

If it was a conference on the mechanical science of airplanes or a conference of pilots, of course he would be entitled to address it or to participate in it. But about wisdom… what wisdom has he got?

And the conference was arranged in memory of Indira Gandhi. What has Indira Gandhi done? I had great hopes for her, but she failed utterly. In fact, she initiated the violence. What about thousands of Hindus and Sikhs who have been killed and assassinated? No conference will be held for them, and they were innocent people, doing no harm to anybody. The same cannot be said about Indira Gandhi.

And I had always loved her; I was the only person in the whole of India who blessed her when she was fighting to come back into power. I had blessed her because I wanted this country to get rid of Morarji Desai. My blessing was directly for Indira Gandhi, but it was an indirect way of saying that all these senile people should be thrown out. But she had not the guts even publicly to recognize my blessings. She said to her secretary, “Osho is the only man.” Vinoba Bhave did not bless her, and he was her spiritual guru, her spiritual master. When she went for his blessing, the people of his ashram said, “He is in silence. So you can see him, but he cannot speak.”

Gurus of politicians cannot be other than politicians. Just a day before, he was not in silence, and just a day afterwards he was not in silence! Exactly on the day she came, he went into silence. And the same strategy was adopted by the shankaracharya. There also, she went to receive blessings and he was in silence.

She had been telling my private secretary, Laxmi, again and again: “I want to come to Poona and to meet Osho. I have to ask many questions concerning the future of this country.” Many times appointments were decided – she’s coming on this date – and just one day before, it was cancelled.

It happened so many times that I told Laxmi, “When you see her again tell her that from Osho’s side it is cancelled forever.”

What kind of stupid thing is… for nine months continuously she was coming, she was coming, she was coming. And she came to Poona and Laxmi went to see her and she said, “I am very sorry. I wanted to come to the ashram but I have so many appointments” – appointments with dead people.

Appointments with whom? She could not find time to come from the circuit house to the ashram, but she went to Kolhapur because another shankaracharya was visiting Kolhapur. She wasted six hours, and the shankaracharya was silent – because these are all politicians in different masks.

Nobody wants to say anything controversial. Naturally, you can understand why they cannot say anything controversial….

I have not committed any crime except that I am controversial. Every man of integrity, every man of understanding is bound to be controversial. If I see something is wrong, I am going to say it is wrong. And if I see something is right, the whole world may not agree with me, but I am going to say it is right. It is better to die for the truth than to live and compromise with lies.

The fact is that forty years of freedom have been wasted by one family – the Nehru family. From Jawaharlal Nehru up to Rajiv Gandhi, forty years of this great country have been simply wasted.

Osho Communism and Zen Fire [Wolves in a sheep’s skin]

Rajiv Gandhi is not a Hindu, but nobody has said it.

I have to say it: Rajiv Gandhi is a crossbreed. His father, Feroze Gandhi, was a Parsee; and his mother, Indira Gandhi, was a Hindu. But the name — Gandhi — gives the feeling as if he is Hindu, because Mahatma Gandhi was Hindu. So people think….

And Parsees are not known very much; they are confined to Bombay, and a few people in Poona, a few people in Surat — just this small territory. Basically they are confined to Bombay, so all over most of India nobody knows about them, that they also have a surname, Gandhi.

The word gandhi comes not from caste or religion; it means a man who sells perfumes.

Gandh means perfume, and gandhi means a perfume seller…….


And what has Rajiv Gandhi done? He has come accidentally into power because his mother, Indira Gandhi, was assassinated. Naturally the whole nation’s sympathy was with Rajiv, her only son. The other son, Sanjay, had died in an airplane accident. But one should see the politician’s mind….

Sanjay Gandhi was very much interested in flying airplanes; he had a small airplane and he went flying in it just over his own house. Just two or three blocks from Indira Gandhi’s house, where Sanjay lived with his mother, something went wrong. And there is every suspicion that there must have been some political conspiracy, because the examiner at the airport who checked the plane before Sanjay took it said that there was nothing wrong with it, it was absolutely perfect. But just within five minutes… there is a possibility of some sabotage.

And as Indira was informed — immediately, because she was just two blocks away; she had seen the airplane falling down — as she was informed, she rushed immediately to the place. I have heard that her first question was not about whether Sanjay was alive or dead — this is the politician’s mind — her first question was, “He was carrying two keys. Where are those two keys?”

One of those two keys belonged to all the money that she was gathering for the coming elections, and the other key was to a safe in which she was keeping all the files against all the politicians, files that she inherited from her father.

Those files are immensely valuable, because all politicians commit crimes but if they are in the ruling party then nobody ever knows what they have done. But the prime minister knows. He keeps a record of it, what this man has done. If he turns against the prime minister, then he will be exposed immediately to the public as a criminal.

So all those files belonged to Indira. And Sanjay was very ambitious to become the prime minister after Indira Gandhi. He was younger than Rajiv but more political and more crazy for power. The rumor is that he even slapped Indira Gandhi once because she would not give him the keys.

Finally he got those two keys, which were of immense importance: all the money — one never knows how much money it was; it must have been a few million rupees or even more. And the second was even more important. To control all enemies completely, just the fear was enough, that the file is there and immediately an investigation can be started and they will lose all face, all their hypocrisy will be exposed.

She did not ask what happened to Sanjay. She immediately asked, “Where are those two keys he was carrying with him?” So they said, “Those two keys have been put in the hands of the police. You can get them from the police station.” She did not go directly to the hospital to see Sanjay, who was dead; first she went to the police station, got the keys.

Then she went to the hospital.

When Rajiv Gandhi came to power, he told the country, “I promise you that I will lead the country into the twenty-first century.” And after the election he never said that again.

Now he is talking about simple methods, simple solutions for complex problems. He is talking about the past and the heritage, the great culture, of India. Now he is not looking forward.

Osho I Celebrate Myself [Showering invisible flowers]


I hope that the Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi, will cancel the ban on Salman Rushdie’s book THE SATANIC VERSES. It is absolutely innocent. The fanatic Mohammedans who are trying to destroy the book, to ban the book, perhaps have not read it.

Rudolph Salman Rushdie was born in India as a Mohammedan, then he moved to England, and has become a worldwide literary figure. Being born in India, he has every right of an Indian citizen too. The Indian constitution gives to every individual freedom of speech and freedom of expression as a fundamental human right.

Salman Rushdie’s book has only one mention of Mohammed which is not at all condemnatory. It is a factual thing that he describes, and it has already been accepted by the Mohammedan theologians for centuries.

The incident is concerning the earlier version of the Koran, in which Mohammed accepted three female deities. Later on he cancelled those verses concerning the female deities, and declared that those verses were inspired by the devil. Now it is a well-known fact that Mohammed changed those verses. If Salmon Rushdie writes about it, it is not condemnatory, he is simply stating a fact which has been accepted.


India is a democratic secular country. Rajiv Gandhi’s banning the book simply shows fear. And the fear of Rajiv Gandhi should not be against the constitution of India, against the laws of India. The ban should be immediately removed. That’s why I said perhaps he has not read the book himself, otherwise he would see that it is a beautiful fiction.

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