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Report [203] of the Committee on ‘Border Security: Capacity Building and Institutions’ Shri P. Chidambaram – Chairman

The Committee observes the action taken to foil attempts of infiltration from across the border and the resultant reduction in infiltration. However, the main concern of the Committee is with regards to those incidents where the terrorists successfully infiltrate into Indian territory and carry out terror attacks. The Committee also takes exception to the confusing statistics furnished by the Ministry that show that all cases of infiltration were foiled in the past 4 years. If such was the case, no terrorist attack would have happened in the last three years. The Committee strongly recommends that instead of furnishing unbelievable statistics, the Ministry should focus on further augmenting the capacity of Border Guarding Forces to make LoC and International Boundary a zero-tolerance area for terrorist infiltration. The Government may, accordingly, take appropriate measures to strengthen the security and surveillance mechanism on India-Pakistan Border.