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  • Admission of Israel to UN-General Assembly Resolution 273 (III)11/05/1949 - In the fall of 1948, Israel had applied for membership in the United Nations but failed to win the necessary majority in the Security Council. In the spring of 1949, the application was renewed This time, armistice agreements having been signed between Israel and Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon, Israel was admitted by 37 votes in favour, 12 against, with 9 abstentions.
  • Annual Contributions received by UNO for 2020: India Contributed US$ 23,396,496 - Subsequent to the end of the 30 day due period (1 February 2020), 45 additional Member States have paid their 2020 regular budget assessment in full.
  • Annual report of the Security Council to the General Assembly - Rule: 125- 139 125. The Security Council will take the necessary action to ensure the timely submission of its report to the General Assembly in accordance with Article 24, paragraph 3, of […]
  • নারীর প্রতি সকল প্রকার বৈষম্য বিলোপ কনভেনশন (১৯৯৮) - কনভেনশনের শর্তানুযায়ী রাষ্ট্রপক্ষসমূহের প্রতি নারীর মৌলিক মানবাধিকার ও মৌলিক স্বাধীনতা নিশ্চিত করা; নারী পাচার ও পতিতাবৃত্তিতে নারীর শোষণ রোধ নিশ্চিত করা; রাজনৈতিক ও লোকজীবনে নারীর প্রতি বৈষম্যের অবসান; জাতীয়তা অর্জন, পরিবর্তন বা বহাল রাখার সমান অধিকার নিশ্চিত করা; শিক্ষা, কর্মসংস্থান, স্বাস্থ্য এবং অর্থনৈতিক ও সমাজ জীবনের অন্যান্য ক্ষেত্রে বৈষম্যের অবসান ঘটানোর জন্যে ব্যবস্থা গ্রহণের আহ্বান জানানো হয়েছে। অন্যান্য ধারায় গ্রামীণ নারীর সমস্যা, আইনের দৃষ্টিতে সমতা এবং বিবাহ ও পারিবারিক জীবনে নারীর প্রতি বৈষম্যের অবসান সংক্রান্ত বিষয়গুলো রয়েছে। কনভেনশনে নারীর নিজ নিজ দেশে রাজনৈতিক ও লোকজীবনে অংশগ্রহণ এবং সরকারের সকল পর্যায়ে সকল কাজ করার অধিকারও নিশ্চিত করা হয়েছে।
  • মানবাধিকারের সার্বজনীন ঘোষণাপত্র-UNO - যেহেতু মানব অধিকারের প্রতি অবজ্ঞা এবং ঘৃণার ফলে মানুষের বিবেক লাঞ্ছিত বোধ করে এমন সব বর্বরোচিত ঘটনা সংঘটিত হয়েছে এবং যেহেতু এমন একটি পৃথিবীর উদ্ভবকে সাধারণ মানুষের সর্বোচ্চ কাংখা রূপে ঘোষণা করা হয়েছে, যেখানে সকল মানুষ ধর্ম এবং বাক স্বাধীনতা ভোগ করবে এবং অভাব ও শংকামুক্ত জীবন যাপন করবে;
  • Basic Principles on the Role of Lawyers: UN Congress in Havana 1990 - The Basic Principles on the Role of Lawyers, set forth below, which have been formulated to assist Member States in their task of promoting and ensuring the proper role of lawyers, should be respected and taken into account by Governments within the framework of their national legislation and practice and should be brought to the attention of lawyers as well as other persons, such as judges, prosecutors, members of the executive and the legislature, and the public in general. These principles shall also apply, as appropriate, to persons who exercise the functions of lawyers without having the formal status of lawyers.
  • Charter of the United Nations - The Charter of the United Nations was signed on 26 June 1945, in San Francisco, at the conclusion of the United Nations Conference on International Organization, and came into force on 24 […]
  • Charter of the United Nations - Preamble Chapter I: Purposes and Principles Chapter II: Membership Chapter III: Organs Chapter IV: The General Assembly Chapter V: The Security Council Chapter VI: Pacific Settlement of Disputes Chapter VII: Action with […]
  • Charter of the United Nations in Sanskrit Devanagari Script [UNO] - Charter of the United Nations in Sanskrit Devanagari Script
  • Convention on the Rights of the Child: UNGA-1989 - Considering that the child should be fully prepared to live an individual life in society, and brought up in the spirit of the ideals proclaimed in the Charter of the United Nations, and in particular in the spirit of peace, dignity, tolerance, freedom, equality and solidarity,
  • COURT ETIQUETTE: UNDT and UNAT - 2020 UNDT COURT ROOM ETIQUETTE 1 The Judge will usually be robed for public hearings. 2 Counsel will wear formal business attire. 3 When the Judge enters the courtroom, all persons present […]
  • Format of Security Council Meeting - Format of meetings 21. In an effort further to advance the resolution of a matter under consideration, the members of the Security Council agree to use a range of meeting options from […]
  • Guidelines for the submission of proposals in the General Assembly - A minimum of four full business days’ advance notice before consideration of the item is required to process a proposal (draft resolution/draft decision) as a limited distribution (“L.”) document in all official languages. (This period includes three full days for processing, counting from the day following the day of submission, and takes into account rule 78 of the rules of procedure of the General Assembly.
  • Powerful Legal Research enterprise Human Rights Bodies PAST AND PRESENT OF THE UNITED NATIONS - Charter-based bodies Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review Commission on Human Rights (replaced by the Human Rights Council) Special Procedures of the Human Rights Council Human Rights Council Complaint Procedure Treaty-based bodies […]
  • Important ISA for UN audits - All United Nations staff are obligated to comply with the Financial Regulations and Rules and with administrative instructions issued in connection with those Regulations and Rules. Any staff member who contravenes the Financial Regulations and Rules or corresponding administrative instructions may be held personally accountable and financially liable for his or her actions.
  • International Court of Justice International Court of Justice - International Court of Justice under the United Nation Charter-1945 Article 92 The International Court of Justice shall be the principal judicial organ of the United Nations. It shall function in accordance with […]
  • Johannesburg Declaration on Sustainable Development-2002 - Adopted at the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD), Johannesburg, South Africa, 26 August- 4 September 2002-We, the representatives of the peoples of the world, assembled at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa, from 2 to 4 September 2002, reaffirm our commitment to sustainable development.
  • Legal Principles Governing Activities of States in Exploration and Use of Outer Space-1962 - The activities of States in the exploration and use of outer space shall be carried on in accordance with international law, including the Charter of the United Nations, in the interest of maintaining international peace and security and promoting international co-operation and understanding.
  • List of Multilateral Treaties deposited with UNO - This collection has been established pursuant to the General Assembly resolution A/52/363, section VI and subsequently adopted resolutions on multilingualism, inter alia, 65/311, 67/292 and Secretary-General's reports to the General Assembly 65/282 and 67/311. It consists of the titles of multilateral treaties deposited with the Secretary-General in the six official languages of the United Nations - Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. The listing of titles is updated annually, as required. There are currently over 560 multilateral conventions deposited with the Secretary-General, and their number keeps growing steadily as new conventions open for signature almost every year.
  • Model Law on Electronic Commerce adopted by the UN Commission on International Trade Law-1996 - Recalling its resolution 2205 (XXI) of 17 December 1966, by which it created the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law, with a mandate to further the progressive harmonization and unification of the law of international trade and in that respect to bear in mind the interests of all peoples, in particular those of developing countries, in the extensive development of international trade,
  • Monitoring core international human rights treaties - Monitoring core international human rights treaties by Human rights treaty bodies Six of the Committees (CCPR, CERD, CAT, CEDAW, CRPD, and CED,) can, under certain conditions, receive petitions from individuals. Committee on the […]
  • Pakistan wrote letter for an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council on the situation of Kashmir-13/08/2019 -    
  • Principles Governing The Use by States of Artificial Earth Satellites for International Direct Television Broadcasting-UNO 1982 - Believing that the establishment of principles for international direct television broadcasting will contribute to the strengthening of international cooperation in this field and further the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations,
  • Modi Speech of Indian PM at General Debate of 75th Session of UNGA 2020 - For how long will India be kept out of the decision-making structures of the United Nations? A country, which is the largest democracy of the world, A country with more than 18% of the world population, A country, which has hundreds of languages, hundreds of dialects, many sects, many ideologies, A country, which was a leading global economy for centuries and also one which has seen hundreds of years of foreign rule.
  • STATUTE OF THE UNITED NATIONS APPEALS TRIBUNAL - The Appeals Tribunal shall be competent to hear and pass judgement on an appeal filed against a judgement rendered by the United Nations Dispute Tribunal
  • STATUTE OF THE UNITED NATIONS DISPUTE TRIBUNAL - The UN Dispute Tribunal hears and passes judgement on an application filed by an individual(employee),  against the Order of  Secretary- General of the United Nations for non-compliance with the terms of appointment or the contract of employment. The terms “contract” and “terms of appointment” include all pertinent regulations and rules and all relevant administrative issuances in force at the time of alleged non- compliance.
  • The preamble of the United Nation - WE THE PEOPLES OF THE UNITED NATIONS DETERMINED to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind, and to reaffirm faith […]
  • THE SECURITY COUNCIL - CHAPTER V: COMPOSITION Article 23 The Security Council shall consist of fifteen Members of the United Nations. The Republic of China, France, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the United Kingdom of […]
  • Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development - his Agenda is a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity. It also seeks to strengthen universal peace in larger freedom. We recognise that eradicating poverty in all its forms and dimensions, including extreme poverty, is the greatest global challenge and an indispensable requirement for sustainable development.
  • UN Convention on the Rights of the Child-Rules of procedure-2019 - The Committee on the Rights of the Child shall hold meetings as may be required for the effective performance of its functions in accordance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  • UN Guidelines for gender-inclusive language in English - These Guidelines include a number of strategies to help United Nations staff use gender-inclusive language. They may be applied to any type of communication, whether it is oral or written, formal or informal, or addressed to an internal or external audience.
  • UN Programme of Assistance in Teaching, Study, Dissemination and Wider Appreciation of International Law - Recognizing the major contribution of the Programme of Assistance to the teaching and dissemination of international law for the benefit of lawyers i n all countries, legal systems and regions of the world for more than half a century and the importance of ensuring the successful continuation of the Programme for the benefit of present and future generations of lawyers,
  • United Nations Charter (full text-english) - WE THE PEOPLES OF THE UNITED NATIONS DETERMINED to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind, and to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small, and to establish conditions under which justice and respect for the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of international law can be maintained, and to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom,
  • United Nations Convention on Law of the Sea of 10 December 1982 - Recognizing the desirability of establishing through this Convention, with due regard for the sovereignty of all States, a legal order for the seas and oceans which will facilitate international communication, and will promote the peaceful uses of the seas and oceans, the equitable and efficient utilization of their resources, the conservation of their living resources, and the study, protection and preservation of the marine environment,
  • United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities - MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS Interministerial Committee of Human Rights The UN Convention  on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Signed in New York on March 30, 2007 (November 5, 2007) CONVENTION ON THE […]
  • United Nations Staff Regulations and Rules of the United Nations - Staff Regulations and Rules of the United Nations United Nations New York, 2018 Secretary-General’s bulletin ST/SGB/2018/1 1 January 2018 Under the Charter of the United Nations, the General Assembly provides staff regulations […]
  • UNO Convention against corruption-2003 - Concerned about the seriousness of problems and threats posed by corruption to the stability and security of societies, undermining the institutions and values of democracy, ethical values and justice and jeopardizing sustainable development and the rule of law,
  • UNO Space Laws and Co-operation - Contents Part one. United Nations treaties A. Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies B. Agreement […]
  • Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and Optional Protocols- 24 APRIL 1963 - Believing that an international convention on consular relations, privileges and immunities would also contribute to the development of friendly relations among nations, irrespective of their differing constitutional and social systems,
  • Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, 1961 -   Done at Vienna on 18 April 1961. Entered into force on 24 April 1964. United Nations, Treaty Series, vol. 500, p. 95. Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations Done at Vienna on 18 April 1961 The States Parties to the […]
  • Yasser Arafat’s 1974 UN General Assembly speech (1974) - The roots of the Palestinian question reach back into the closing years of the nineteenth century, in other words, to that period we call the era of colonialism and settlement as we know it today. This is precisely the period during which zionism as a scheme was born; its aim was the conquest of Palestine by European immigrants


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