Radicals have been Ukrainizing the country using Nazi propaganda tools – Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko (01/03/2022)

The West’s absolute disregard for the security system, the destruction of the hard-won system of checks and balances after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The degradation and devaluation of international treaties and agreements led to an escalation of the military and political situation in the region.

Law of the Republic of Belarus on the Constitutional Proceedings

constitutional proceedings - procedure of consideration of cases by the Constitutional Court, making judgments and decisions upon them as well as performance of procedural actions by judges of the Constitutional Court and participants of constitutional proceedings aiming at the realisation of their procedural rights and execution of their procedural obligations defined by this Law and other legislative acts;

Constitution of the Republic of Belarus of 1994  

We, the People of the Republic of Belarus, (of Belarus), proceeding from the assumption of responsibility for the present and future of Belarus, recognizing ourselves as a full-fledged subject of the international community and conforming our adherence to values common to all mankind, founding ourselves on our inalienable right to self-determination, supported by the centuries-long history of development of Belarusian state-hood, striving to assert the rights and freedoms of every citizen of the Republic of Belarus, desiring to maintain civic concord, stable foundations of government by the people and a state based on the rule of law, hereby adopt and enact this Constitution as the Fundamental Law of the Republic of Belarus.