On February 4, President Xi Jinping held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The two heads of state planned the blueprint and guided the direction of China-Russia relations under the new historical conditions. The talks achieved fruitful results. During the talks, the Ministry of Commerce and the Russian Ministry of Economic Development signed two cooperation documents.

The State of Israel is a strong and vibrant democracy that grants all its citizens equal rights, regardless of religious or race. The State of Israel was established as the national home of the Jewish people with broad international support, in light of the lessons of the Holocaust. Amnesty criticizes the very existence of the State of Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people, and effectively denies its right to exist at all. 

While respecting the right of foreign nations to decide on safety and security of their diplomatic missions, we consider that this step by the U.S. is a premature one and an instance of excessive caution. There were no radical changes in the security situation lately: the threat of new waves of Russian aggression remains constant since 2014, and Russia’s build-up of the military capacity along Ukraine’s borders lasts since April last year.

It’s just exactly what I said: is that — is that as long as we have to reassure — if you noticed, you don’t see a lot of concern in terms of their security of our — and of our — our NATO Allies in Western Europe. But in Eastern Europe, there’s reason for concern. They’re along the Russian border. They’re on the Belarus border. So, everyone from Poland on has — has reason to be concerned about what would happen and what spillover effects could occur.

Our experience of working with our Western colleagues on European security issues contains abundant examples when promises were made but not kept. I have already quoted the words said by the then US President Gerald Ford immediately after the signing of the Helsinki Final Act in 1975. Celebrating the occasion, he said: “History will judge this Conference not by what we say here today, but by what we do tomorrow – not by the promises we make, but by the promises we keep.” Our American and West European colleagues and NATO members are not very good at this.

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