Important registers maintained at different Police Stations/ Court Offices of Howrah City Police

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A statement of categories and documents that are held or under control Following are some important registers/documents, which are maintained at different Police Stations/ Court Offices of Howrah City Police:

In Police Stations
• Crime Register.
• Non FIR Register.
• Motor Accident Register.
• Crime Index.
• Inspection Register.
• Warrant Register.
• General Diary.
• Howrah City Police Gazette File.
• Disposition Register.
• F.I.R. Book.
• Inquest Register.
• Post Mortem Register.
• Telephone Message Book.
• Command Certificate Book.
• Missing and Deposited Register.
• Government Property Register.
• Khatian Inspecton Register.
• Cash Book.
• Active Criminal Register.
• All Arrest Register.
• Receive Register.
• Despatch Register.
• Warrant Register.
• Summon Register.


In Court Offices
• GR Register
. Non GR Register
• Lock Up Register.
• Bail Bond Register.
• Conviction Register.
• Despatch Register.
• Stamp Account Register.
• Pay Register.
• Disposition Register.
• Command Certificate.
• Duty Register.
• Process Register