Affidavit Practice in Pleading and Procedure

Affidavit in Civil Pleading

Affidavit and Civil Procedure Code

Affidavit for Additional Issues


Affidavit of Signature

Affidavits and Criminal Proceedings

Affidavits and Indian Stamp Act

Affidavits and Information Technology Act,

Affidavits and Legal Services Authorities Act,

Affidavits and Notaries Act

Affidavits and the Competition Act,

Affidavits and the Control of National Highway (Land and Traffic) Act,

Affidavits and the Electricity Act

Affidavits and the Narcotic Drugs & Psychotropic Substances Act,

Affidavits and the National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions Act,

Affidavits and the Prevention of Money Laundering Act,

Affidavits and the Right to Information Act,

Affidavits in Arbitration Proceedings

Affidavits in Writ Proceedings

Affidavits under Administrative Tribunals Act,

Affidavits Under Code of Civil Procedure

Affidavits under Companies Act and Rules

Affidavits under Contempt of Courts

Affidavits under Family Courts Act,

Affidavits under Hindu Marriage Act and Rules

Affidavits under Indian Divorce Act

Affidavits under Industrial Disputes Act,

Affidavits under Insolvency Proceedings

Affidavits under Motor Vehicle Act,

Affidavits under Supreme Court Rules

Affidavits under the Consumer   Protection Act,

Affidavits under the Designs Act,

Affidavits under the Income Tax Act

Affidavits under the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act,

Affidavits under the National Commission for Minorities Act,

Affidavits under the National Commission for Women Act,

Affidavits under the Persons with Disabilities Act,

Affidavits under the Protection of Human Rights Act

Affidavits under the Railway Claims Tribunal Act,

Affidavits under the Recovery of Debts due to Banks and Financial Institutions Act,

Affidavits under the Representation of the People Act

Amendment of Judgments, decrees or orders

Amendment of Pleadings

Appeals and Revisions

Appearance of Parties and Consequence of Non-Appearancc

Applications under Limitation Act

Arrest before Judgment

Attachment before Judgment

Chief Examination by Affidavits

Commissions [Under CPC]

Compensation for Obtaining Arrest, Attachment or Injunction on Insufficient Grounds Application for Restitution

Court may Strike or Add Parties

Gram Nyayalayas Act,  and Affidavits

Delay in Presenting Appeal

Discovery and Inspection

Enlargment of time

Evidence on Affidavit and Dishonour of Cheques

Expert Evidence

General Power of Transfer and Withdrawal

Indian Evidence Act and Affidavits

Legal Representatives

List of witnesses and Summons to witnesses

Minors and Persons of Unsound Mind

National Green Tribunal Act,  and Affidavits

Oath on Affidavit by Whom to be Administered

One person may Sue or Defend on behalf of all in same Interest

Power to make up Deficiency of Court Fees

Power to Order Discovery and the Like

Procedure where person to be arrested or property to be attached is outside district

Production of Additional Evidence in Appellate Court

Production of Documents

Property Liable to Attachment and Sale in Execution of Decree

Readmission of Appeal Dismissed for Default

Recalling Witness

Right to Lodge a Caveat

Saving of Inherent Powers of Court

Stay of Proceedings and of Execution

Stay of Suit

Subsequent pleadings

Substituted Service

Temporary Injunctions and Interlocutory Orders

The Prohibition of Child Marriage Act,  and Affidavits

The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act,  and Affidavits


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